Pretend is a 100% plant-based delicatessen, developed by vegan chef Mark Senn and his partner, Ingrida Baceviciute, co-owners of Dublin's Veginity restaurant aiming to entice non-vegans to reduce their meat consumption without having to forgo taste.

Having carried out extensive research into what food products tick the boxes for ‘omnivore’ consumers – whose diets contain both meat and vegan items – we have come to the understanding that you are more likely to connect with plant-based meat alternatives rather than vegan foods that are unfamiliar to you.

So we made it our goal is to make it easy and affordable for you to be kind to yourself and the planet by offering plant-based alternatives at places where you would normally dine out, including at their Pretend flagship store at 1 Blessington Street, Dublin, which is the same location as the pair's former vegan takeaway venu, Vish.Shop.


Our offerings

Our delicatessan has three service offerings, so whether you are vegan or an ominovre you can still enjoy the flavours of meat with out actually consuming any meat.  

100% plant-based take away offering:

Pretend offers burgers, where you can choose your Pretend patty, as well as custom made sandwiches made with vegan friendly brioche and rye breads that are baked fresh every morning.   We also offer our signature cauliflower wings and of course Vish® & Chips, where the vish is made from cassava and wild irish seaweed, battered and cooked to perfection. We also have a selection of desserts avalialble.  Click here to check out what is currently on the menu.

100% plant-based butchery service

Pretend also offers a butchery service that includes handmade Pretend "meats" and other plant-based products that you can purchase fresh from our counter by weight and cut as well as other plant-based condiments that you can experiment with in your home cooking. We'd love you to come in and try our Pretend 'bacon', 'ham', 'turkey' or 'steak'.

100% restaurant wholesale service

Our new Blessington Street venue also showcases products that are now available to our new restaurant wholesale arm.  So if you are a hospitality business such as a cafe, family dining or hotel and are looking to add plant-based options to your current menu, Prentend can show you what is possible and help you get there.  Find out more about becoming an partner.


Pretend pop up at Veginity 

Pretend will also be popping up at Veginity on the last Sunday of every month, with each Sunday pop-up being a ticketed event. Tickets are available at veginity.com.


Pretend in the media

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Restaurant location details

1 Blessington Street,

Dublin, 7, Ireland

+353 85 235 5562



Restaurant opening hours

Mon - Sun 12pm to 8:30pm